Educator and School Questions

How much free time do students have? Will there be time to explore the host city?

We have a few opportunities for the students to explore the city during the Global Startup Challenge but the large majority of time is booking with workshops and other activities. Many of our schools choose to arrive a few days early or depart a few days late to explore more, which we can help to arrange.

Can you clarify the tuition and fee schedule?

Our total fees are all inclusive, so they cover breakfast and dinner, transportation in the city, insurance, lodging, and all programmed events. Discounts are offered based on the number of students a school registers.

And do you cover the expenses for teachers? What about flights for teachers?

For schools bringing 10 students or more, we will cover the flight up to 1900USD for one teacher. The expenses for a teacher are $800; however, we will cover those expenses for every 10 students a school brings and will pro-rate from there.

How long has the Global Startup Challenge existed? Who has attended in the past?

Whiteboard Youth Ventures, our parent company, has run this program for three years as the Young Entrepreneur Challenge. In 2016, we changed the name and improved the curriculum. We have worked with over 400 students from over 15 countries, including China, Korea, Taiwan, Hong Kong, Viet Nam, India, the UAE, Australia, Italy, Belgium, Brazil, Costa Rica, Argentina, the Philippines, Canada, and the USA.

What types of schools have attended in the past?

We host a wide range of schools, including international schools, IB diploma schools, sixth form schools, Cambridge schools, American overseas schools, British overseas schools, and Scottish Schools.

Who are the mentors and who leads the workshops?

All our mentors are seasoned entrepreneurs who have launched at least one company each. Their biographies and LinkedIn profiles can be found on the location pages on the website. Our mentors teach and lead each workshop. We also bring in guest speakers to lend their insights.

Do students earn a certificate? What about awards?

All students who successfully compete the GSC receive a Completion Certificate. We also recognize one member for each student team that exemplifies the characteristics of a founder.

What types of business idea do students typically develop?

Last year, the products were all feasible, realistic businesses that could have easily moved forward into the marketplace. The winning team was a company called OnTrack: “Capitalizing on the success of extreme fitness challenges, OnTrack hosts a series of outdoor and indoor obstacle courses designed specifically for families with children under the age of ten.”

How do students develop their business ideas?

Our flagship workshop is an ideation process we call IdeaStorm. This 2-hour workshop has generated some incredible business ideas.

Do students work in teams from the same school or from different schools?

All the teams are cross-cultural. We think this is an important learning opportunity for students to get hands on experience working with peers from all around the world.

What is the registration deadline?

There is no official registration deadline. We will continue to accept applications until all our seats are reserved. The website will display an updated count of the remaining seats. We encourage schools to register no later than March 10th to ensure their participation.

Will the Global Startup Challenge help in the visa application process?

If you are coming from a country that requires an entry visa before entering the United States of America, the GSC will provide each person attending from your school with a letter of invitation to satisfy a tourist visa application. It is your responsibility to apply for the appropriate visa. We do not guarantee the US State Department will grant your visa request; however, we have never had a visa application rejected by a US consulate or embassy in the past.