How to Host a Global Startup Challenge


Benefits of Hosting a Global Startup Challenge

Community Leadership

Demonstrate your place as a thought leader in your local community by hosting a Global Startup Challenge. We’re looking for local partners who place importance in engaging with and support their local community. We’ll bring in entrepreneurs and startup coaches from Boston that will directly impact your school.

Whiteboard Certification

Schools and organizations that host the Global Startup Challenge will earn a Whiteboard Certification, making their student eligible for discounts on future Whiteboard programs around the world. Our local host will also receive a copy of several workshops and activities to help teach and encourage entrepreneurship.

Student Opportunity

Provide students with the chance to work with world class entrepreneurs and startup coaches from Boston without leaving their home city! The Global Startup Challenge is an experiential education program that bring class material into the real world for students to interact with in a highly interactive setting.

Press and Fundraising

We’re happy to work with you to get local press attention and create amazing photos and videos that many schools and organizations use in fundraising campaigns with community leaders and alumni.

Requirements for Hosting

Organizations or schools applying to host a Global Startup Challenge must be able to provide the following spaces and venue requirements:

  • At least one classroom or other venue capable of serving as the principle classroom for workshops and courses;
  • A theater or other large space capable of serving as the presentation venue for the final showcase of student businesses;
  • Multiple breakout rooms or areas for student teams to meet and work on team based projects (optional but highly preferred)

It is expected that schools and organizations applying to host a Global Startup Challenge will aid in the student recruitment aspect of their program. Local hosts will be given a webpage on the Global Startup Challenge website with the details of their program. We ask that the local host reach out to community schools to invite their students to participate. Although this is not required, we find it helps fulfill the minimum number of students that must register for the program. We will assist in this process by providing brochure, presentations, and videos for you to distribute.

By hosting a Global Startup Challenge, you agree to guarantee a minimum of 25 students for the program. Students can come from your school or organization, from local schools, or from international schools. We will do our best to help with your recruitment efforts. Hosting partners failing to register the minimum number of students by an agreed upon date will have their program cancelled.

The following types of organizations and schools are eligible to host a Global Startup Challenge. For questions, please use the contact form at the bottom of this page.

  • High schools, secondary schools, or combined primary and secondary schools;
  • Colleges and universities;
  • Startup hubs or coworking spaces;
  • Private academic centers;

There is no cost to host a Global Startup Challenge. The registration fee for students to participate should be set between $500-$1,000 USD. The registration fee will go to Whiteboard Youth Ventures to cover staffing expenses and supplies needed to run an installment of the Global Startup Challenge. We are willing to work with local partners to lower registration fees for their students. Whiteboard will donate 10% of proceeds to our local host.

We will accept application to be a local partner from anywhere in the world, but we are particularly interested in the following locations:

  • Austin, Texas, USA
  • Toronto, Canada
  • Mexico City, Mexico
  • Santiago, Chile
  • Dublin, Ireland
  • Amsterdam, Netherlands
  • Warsaw, Poland
  • Istanbul, Turkey
  • Dubai, United Arab Emirates
  • Singapore
  • Hanoi, Viet Nam
  • Hong Kong
  • Beijing, China
  • Seoul, Korea

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