Parent Questions

Who are the mentors?

Global Startup Challenge mentors are always active, engaged entrepreneurs. With Boston as our home base, every GSC has a approximately half of our mentors from Boston, USA and half from our local host. Many mentors hold degrees from the best universities in the world, including MIT, Harvard, the University of Pennsylvania, Brown, Yale, and the University of Chicago, to name a few. All of our mentors have been involved with the launch of their own company or brand, and they are committed to helping the next generation of startup founders!

Is this program residential or commuter?

Each program may be different. Please make sure to look at the location page for the Global Startup Challenge in which you are interested. For 2017, the Boston program is a residential only program.

Is there airport dropoff/pickup?

Yes, drop-off and pick-up from the local airport, train station, or bus terminal are included in the program fee.

Where will the students stay overnight?

Please check with the location of the program in which you are interested. For Boston 2017, students will stay in suite style dorms at Boston University. Each suite has three double-occupancy rooms with a shared bathroom and common area. Housing assignments are completed by the staff and cannot be changed.

How many students share a room?

There will never be more than two students per room.

Why should my son or daughter attend?

The Global Startup Challenge provides many advantages to high school students. First, it acts as a gateway into the world of business, startups, and entrepreneurship. Beyond that, we a skills-based program, meaning the public speaking, writing, teamwork, communication, and self-management skills are transferable to any field of study or potential career path. We take great pride in being the heroes for our students, with many students continuing to seek advice and guidance from our mentors and coaches for years after the conclusion of the program.

Are there any scholarships or financial aid?

Yes, we have limited, need-based aid available. You will receive the application package for aid with your acceptance.

Can I come to the final presentations? Can I bring guests? What if I can’t make the final presentations?

Yes! Yes! We extend a warm invitation to you, your family, and your friends to come to the final presentations, where student teams will present their findings and work. We provide each family with two complementary tickets, and you may purchase additional tickets for $10 each. After the presentations are complete, there will be a catered lunch and awards ceremony.

If you cannot join us for final presentations, you can view them live from our YouTube channel!