Student Questions

Do I need a business idea before I arrive?

Having a business idea is not a requirement to attend the Global Startup Challenge. We’ve designed a unique ideation process designed to help you and your team come up with 4-8 viable business ideas. If you happen to have a business idea, pitch it to your team to see if they’re interested in working on it for the week.

How are teams decided?

Our staff randomly assigns teams to ensure they proportionally represent all of the countries students are from. We also do our best to balance teams so that there are an equal number of girls and guys on each team. Each location may assign teams slightly differently.

How do I apply?

Easy! Go to and select the Individual Student button. Or click on any of the Apply buttons throughout the site.

Are there resources and support available after the program?

After the Global Startup Challenge, our mentors are all available to support you by answering questions and serving as information sources. If you are interest, you can also apply to the Whiteboard Youth Ventures Summer Incubator, the world’s only high school student startup incubator. The Summer Incubator is a revenue-first, no-equity incubator.

Who are the mentors?

Global Startup Challenge mentors are always active, engaged entrepreneurs. With Boston as our home base, every GSC has a approximately half of our mentors from Boston, USA and half from our local host. Many mentors hold degrees from the best universities in the world, including MIT, Harvard, the University of Pennsylvania, Brown, Yale, and the University of Chicago, to name a few. All of our mentors have been involved with the launch of their own company or brand, and they are committed to helping the next generation of startup founders!

Why should I attend?

The Global Startup Challenge provides many advantages to high school students. First, it acts as a gateway into the world of business, startups, and entrepreneurship. Beyond that, we a skills-based program, meaning the public speaking, writing, teamwork, communication, and self-management skills are transferable to any field of study or potential career path. We take great pride in being the heroes for our students, with many students continuing to seek advice and guidance from our mentors and coaches for years after the conclusion of the program.