Student Testimonials

The support I got from the mentors changed my life. They believed in my ideas and pushed me to be a success. I’ve started two companies since I completed this program and cannot recommend it more to others.

Adam Lorenz-Kruk

2013 Alumnus

The friends, memories, and relationships that I made over one week are going to last a lifetime. I’m amazed at how much I was able to learn and grow in such a short period of time. The Global Startup Challenge taught me more about business than any class that I’ve ever taken.

Maeve Sullivan

2013 Alumna

The Global Startup Challenge gave me an opportunity to connect with real world entrepreneurs who helped me recognize and develop my knack for collaboration and speaking. It was my first opportunity to learn about the craziness of starting a company, and I loved it. I couldn’t have asked for a better foundation for my entrepreneurial journey.

Isha Mayor

2014 Alumna

The Global Startup Challenge at Whiteboard Youth Ventures was such a great learning experience. I learned how to think outside the box and bring ideas and plans to life in a fast paced, real world environment. It has given me a tremendous amount of confidence and focus to pursue my goals being an aspiring entrepreneur.
Charlie McLaughlin

2015 Alumnus